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Pablo CA Observer (4 years 3 months ago)

No, they help flies find a home with the poo they drop, and they actually climb down from the tree to do it, not just hang and let it go I know, rellay random info right? :spin: But they also transport little bugs in their shaggy fur, and even more so when moss starts to grow on it. VA:F [1.9.20_1166]

Zarya RU Observer (4 years 3 months ago)

Hey hey hey, take a gadenr at what' you've done

Silvana CA Observer (4 years 3 months ago)

Tapez votre commentaire Vous poeuvz utiliser ces mots-cle9s HTML : Notify me of followup comments via e-mail

Justis CA Observer (4 years 3 months ago)

Just the type of inhisgt we need to fire up the debate.

Takahito CA Observer (4 years 3 months ago)

God help me, I put aside a whole afertnoon to figure this out.

Delizia CA Observer (4 years 3 months ago)

ამბობს: ამ წამები

Kazem RU Observer (4 years 3 months ago)

ამბობს:s hesanishnavi krebulia ilia. tu im faqts ar gaianviliswvtebt rom am videoebze asaxuli bevri adamiani gardaicvala an mdzimed daichra magram mwams imisi rom bolomde gmirulad idgnen da am sayvareli karis mezoblebis ar sheshinebiat.natelsh i amyofos gmertma mati sulebi.VN:F [1.9.10_1130]please wait...VN:F [1.9.10_1130](from 0 votes)

Quenerra CA Observer (4 years 3 months ago)

ამბობს:r oca wamebis vbdioees uyureb xvdebi rom namdvilad chmorebi arian radgan chven mters ghirseulad moveqecit vumkurnalet da gavushvit chven imis mizani ki ar gvqonda rom isini mogvekla aramed shegvecherebina imat ki piriqit tanac raodenobas gavitvaliswinotVN:F [1.9.10_1130]please wait...VN:F [1.9.10_1130](from 0 votes)

Kimouche CZ Observer (4 years 3 months ago)

Check that off the list of things I was coseunfd about.

The real face of Islam GB Observer (4 years 4 months ago)

Since the Arab winter the number of murdered priests & desecrated churches in Egypt has risen dramatically, while in Syria Christian priests have been kidnapped & tortured to death by Islamists who declare Sharia law & forced conversion to Islam upon taking over Christian villages. Lebanon, which used to be a Christian country, now has a minority Christian population because its de facto ruled by Hezbollah Islamists. In Muslim Countries, Christians are seen as Kafirs & considered inferior Dhimmis {Quran 9:29}. . In contrast, Israel is the safest place in the Middle East where Arabs & Christians enjoy full freedom of speech, worship & all other democratic rights as equal Citizens. People around the World are starting to realise what is happening now in Egypt, Syria & the rest of the Muslim States. They understand that Islam is not a religion, its an Extreme Political mind cult that aims to destroy Democracy & ALL other Religions & forcefully Islamize the World by Terror & Jihad.

Alex SE Observer (4 years 6 months ago)

ამბობს:n eta ra icit dzalian mtesairenebs ra kavs eti da ra aria vai vai cota giრსეულა დ და სრულფა

Yherik RU Observer (4 years 6 months ago)

ronty k chinlam.. ronty sobai bodalk tui bodlas na baba chelabela hok chela belar moto sundor. aro sundor likhta likhta likha hoya jaba

Naresh RU Observer (4 years 6 months ago)

That's a sensible answer to a chgielnalng question

Phil RU Observer (4 years 6 months ago)

ami napa kheye felsi. thik hoye gese. kisokhon por pc te bohsbo. tokhon rajin vaire dhoira niye ashte hobe. karo loge bodhoi phone e kotha bolse.

Olamide RU Observer (4 years 6 months ago)

This makes evhnetyirg so completely painless.

Mayar RU Observer (4 years 6 months ago)

I feel safietisd after reading that one.

Ardyta FR Observer (4 years 6 months ago)

What I find so insinetterg is you could never find this anywhere else.

Javad RU Observer (4 years 6 months ago)

You really saved my skin with this intramofion. Thanks!

Falevi FR Observer (4 years 6 months ago)

Thank u for updating vmmalea and veena regularly I appreciate your efforts .but please it has been long enough can you please update savita bhabhi episode 34???

Maria FR Observer (4 years 6 months ago)

With the bases loaded you struck us out with that anrwse!

By: DOVE, April 30, 2009


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