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@Just curious GB Voted for NOT (5 years 1 month ago)

Israel & Jews DO NOT hate Muslims !. There are several types of Muslims, Suuni & Shiite, Alowite & Wahabi. Some sects of Muslims accept the Koran which says not to take Jews & Chrisitains as friends & to K1ll Jews. These people who are Masquerading as Muslims give Islam a very bad reputation & they are the ones firing Rockets at Israeli civilians. HAMAS & Hezbollah which are Muslims Terror Groups, call for death to Jews. Its only these ones that are hated because they disrespect real Islam.

Player Voted for YES (5 years 2 months ago)

I am a Moslem... And, I also have friend\'s are another Moslem... I am Tollerance with them... But, I always keep my relligion and believe of my God (Allah S.W.T) and my Prophet (Muhammad S.A.W)... And, I always hope my friend\'s get \'Hidayah from God... Amien Ya Robbal Allamin...

Just curious AU Voted for YES (5 years 2 months ago)

Why did jews or Israel hate muslims so much ? , I have a muslims friend and they are nice people and I don\\\'t think that they tried to fool me or something , it\\\'s so diffrent from what Israel people said , Why is that ?

Jews were accepted Voted for YES (5 years 2 months ago)

The best time Jews were treated was under the islamic state, before WW1 (started by non-muslims) After The ottoman empire fell, the jews were under the European control. The Jews were treated terribly and offensively, in Europe under the christian rule, thus they were not safe and needed their own state.

Islam is lame GB Voted for NOT (5 years 2 months ago)

If Muslims of Europe obeyed the Law instead of Sharia, accepted our values, integrated into OUR society who gave them FREEDOM & SAFETY, If they spoke English in public & stopped Burning Poppies & Burning our Flags, If they abandoned Terrorism & stopped sponging off State Benefits while plotting our downfall from their Council houses, If they took the time & effort to realize there are TWO sides of EQUALITY & DIVERSITY, then Civilized society would not hate them so much.

Sana FR Observer (5 years 3 months ago)

At last some ratinoaltiy in our little debate.

Mihail US Observer (5 years 3 months ago)

You write so honestly about this. Thanks for saihrng!

Sharith IT Observer (5 years 3 months ago)

I look forward to a time when Iranians, Israelis, Americans, and cziniets of any country or region can speak to one another with uncovered faces (if they wish).I\'m an American who\'s concerned about hearing from people who want war with Iran, and who doesn\'t believe we accomplished anything of value in the war in Iraq.More power to you, masked man.

Malik FR Observer (5 years 3 months ago)

A minute saved is a minute eaernd, and this saved hours!

The true face of Islam GB Voted for NOT (5 years 4 months ago)

Shaikh Muhammad As-Saleh al Uthman Secretary General of World Asembly of Muslims On Page 22 of his book states: We must k!ll all the Christians & Jews who refuse to embrace Islam!;It is our opinion that whoever claims the acceptability of any existing religion today other than Islam such as Judaism, Christianity & so forth, is a non believer (Dar ul Kufr). He should be asked to repent & If he does not he must be k1lled as an apostate! Islam aims to Dominate & Islamize the WORLD. WE MUST FIGHT IT

Holohoax Absolute Proof GB Observer (5 years 5 months ago)

Watch the following documentaries on YouTube that expose the alleged Jewish Holocaust: (1) The Last Days of the Big Lie, (2) One Third of the Holocaust, (3) David Cole in Auschwitz Full Documentary, (4) More than Taboo. (5) Holocaustianity - Zionism propaganda and facts. (6) Treblinka was No Extermination Camp- Just Transit Station. (7) The Origins of Holocaustianity (Vimeo). (8) Bishop Richard Williamson - Gas Chambers, Anti-Semitism and the truth. Forward links to your friends.

MOSLEMA Voted for YES (5 years 5 months ago)

الاسلام يقبل بالاخر والتاريخ يشهد من فتح مكة وحتى رفض عمر للصلاة في الكنيسة في فتح بيت المقدس والشواهد في التاريخ كثيراة ولكن لكل انسان حق الدفاع عن النفس وهو حق مشروع وثابت واذا تم الاعتداء على الارض والعرض والانسان فحق الدفاع مشروع بكل السبل المتاحة ولكل انسان حرية المعتقد مالم يعتدي على المسلمين واموالهم واعراضهم ز

The true face of Islam GB Voted for NOT (5 years 5 months ago)

Islam needs to stop its INSANE nightmare of World Domination through Jihad. They try to justify the Evils & Violence of their Religion, while forcing it down our Throats & screaming INTOLERANCE & RACISM if we dont suk from their poison Teat. Islam is a FAILED & Dead-End philosophy replete with GLARING LIES & inconsistencies, which is why Muslims are SO insecure that they have to threaten Death to apostates or anyone who criticizes Islam. It would be a better World if Muslims turned away from it

YouKnowWho Voted for NOT (5 years 5 months ago)

Vladimir Putin declared in Brussels on Monday that radical Islamic groups are planning to systematically annihilate non-Moslems and to create a worldwide Caliphate. He added that western civilisation was at risk of being attacked by terrorists, these attacks being more than sporadic one-off attacks. Rather, they are, in the opinion of Vladimir Putin a “concerted effort and programme” by an organisation which has a global structure and which plans global war in the name of Islam

DADDY DONT BEAT ME TO DEATH! Voted for NOT (5 years 5 months ago)


Dhea Observer (5 years 6 months ago)

It\'s spooky how cevler some ppl are. Thanks!

Petra CN Observer (5 years 6 months ago)

That\'s a senisble answer to a challenging question

Lamis Observer (5 years 6 months ago)

Smart thinking - a clever way of lokiong at it.

Rodrigo Observer (5 years 6 months ago)

I didn\'t know where to find this info then kbaoom it was here.

Ismail AR Observer (5 years 6 months ago)

This does look pormsiing. I\'ll keep coming back for more.

By: DOVE, April 30, 2009


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